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Any procedure is made easier if you know what to expect. Although our doctors will talk you through the procedure that’s suitable for you, we’ve put together these articles and videos about our most common treatments to provide you with something you can read at home – informative guides that you can refer to at any time.

Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation is a common procedure that tens of thousands of women in Canada have every year. Knowing this, at least, should make you feel a little more confident about what’s around the corner.

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Dilation and curettage

Dilation and curettage is generally a simple, brief operation for your doctor to perform.Women undergo it for many different reasons: it can be a diagnostic tool as well as a treatment.

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If you’ve been experiencing symptoms thought to originate in your uterus that can’t be pinpointed by your doctor, then he or she may say that a hysteroscopy is the way forward.

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Laparoscopy is a way in which procedures can be completed without making any serious incisions into your body – and that can only be a good thing!

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This is a very common procedure that can that be carried out in a number of different ways. How your doctor chooses to conduct the procedure depends on your body and the reason you’re having the surgery.

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Urinary incontinence is simply the regular but sudden loss of urine that you cannot control. There are four recognized types of urinary incontinence.

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Hysterosalpingography is quite a mouthful, so we’ll just use HSG from this point onwards! This is a diagnostic procedure rather than a form of treatment.

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